About us

We are passionate, practicing for decades a raw food diet close to that had to practice our Paleolithic ancestors but also many first nations until recently.

This food practice allowed us to discover unsuspected diversity of plant and animal natural resources. Considerable diversity since FAO estimates that there are about 30,000 edible plant species (which must be added the food resources of animal origin).

Unfortunately this biodiversity is in great danger. Indeed, according to the FAO, only 120 of these plant species are grown and almost all agricultural land is mobilized for production of 9 main covering, to her alone, over 75% of global supply.

So we decided to act. Raw Foodism promote, encourage people to eat raw as possible, make them discover the richness of our natural heritage food, this is what motivated us to create NaturEdible. This is our contribution to the fight against the depletion of our natural larder.

For now NaturEdible has no specific legal status. Only the mark is registered.

Where FAO report are extracted the figures on this page